5 Legal Issues for Social Media Users

Most people these days log onto social media accounts daily, and many do it multiple times throughout the day. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the others that are available, these systems can be a great tool for gathering and sharing information, keeping in touch, finding work, and much more. While undoubtedly useful, social media also presents a variety of hidden dangers that often get Read More

Health Care and Competition

Health care needs real competition. So say two Harvard faculty members based on research and experience discussed in a Harvard Business Review article.  Professor Leemore Dafny (Professor Harvard Business School) and Dr. Thomas H. Lee (faculty Harvard Medical School) argue that the lack of competition in the health care sector is perpetuating the system’s inability to deliver efficient, affordable and reliable Read More

Law Office of Philip P. Crowley Helps Client Receive Funding

I’m pleased to announce that my client, BioAxone Biosciences Inc., has just received a substantial grant. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has awarded BioAxone and its collaborator, RXI Pharmaceuticals Inc., with a $1.6 Million two-year grant to continue their research into therapies that may substantially lessen or even eliminate the effects of catastrophic spinal cord injuries. These Read More

Stevens Institute of Technology Makes 2018 “Best Colleges”

I have some good news I’d like to share. As many of you know, for over 20 years I’ve been a Trustee of my alma mater, Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, where I earned my B.S. in physics. That work has involved oversight of academic entrepreneurship and innovation as well as other matters. Stevens, always a strong performer, has been on a tear in recent years. This year is no exception. I’d like Read More

Watch for Mobile “Big Data” Apps Developments

Mobile apps for health-related applications is an exciting area of development. Google just acquired Senosis, a University of Washington-based startup focused on using cell phones and their sophisticated sensors to monitor health status.  It’s another confluence of computing power, mobile technology and data analytics that brings the power of modern technology to the health care sphere.  The creative minds at Read More

Crowdfunding 101: What You Need to Know

Funding! It’s the fuel that powers your business. When starting or growing your business, it is often necessary to acquire capital to help get things done. Attaining this funding is often accomplished through loans (convertible into equity or non-convertible), angel investors, venture capitalists, and taking on one or more partners. In addition to these options, the concept of crowdfunding is gaining considerable Read More

Risky Business: 6 Common Legal Risks Faced by Businesses and How to Mitigate Them

Running a business always entails a certain level of risk. Any good business owner knows that it is important to understand those risks and take the necessary steps to minimize them, in order to succeed and endure. While there are many types of risk that a business may face, legal risks are arguably among the most impactful, and most often overlooked. The following six legal risks are surprisingly common and, if not Read More

Choosing the Right Business Entity for Your Business

When starting a business, there are many issues to consider.. One of the most important is which type of business entity your business should employ. There are several different options, each of which will have implications on the legal structure of the business, the taxes it will owe, and much more. Taking some time to learn about the most common options, and how they will impact you today and in the future, is a Read More

How to Make Your Company More Attractive to Potential Strategic Partners & Investors: Part 2

Welcome back! In part 1 of this series, we discussed some tips for entrepreneurs looking to improve their “hit” rate with potential strategic partners and investors.  In part 2, we’ll explore the problems inherent in the following scenario: You’ve been working on your research diligently. You’ve come up with a technology that has application in over a dozen fields of use.  You’ve collaborated with colleagues at Read More

How to Make Your Company More Attractive to Potential Strategic Partners & Investors: Part 1

Technology is worthless . . . UNLESS someone can translate it into products or services that make a practical difference in people’s lives. Learning how to make that translation is the key to making your company more attractive to strategic partners and potential investors. Let’s begin with a potential scenario – You’ve been working on your research diligently. You’ve come up with a technology that has Read More