Intellectual Property Planning & Protection Assistance

Protecting Your Niche in the Global Marketplace

Intellectual property is an increasingly important part of the global marketplace. I seek to assist clients in recognizing the value of their intellectual assets and making the most of expertise and tools that may not be properly protected.

My technical qualifications and life sciences industry experience, combined with my extensive trademark and Intellectual Property law background, along with a network of relationships with experienced patent counsel, allows me to offer a complete range of intellectual property services, from IP protection to development and management of your property portfolio.

These services include:

  • Helping you understanding the rights, risks, and opportunities involved with your intellectual property
  • Identifying and categorizing these IP assets
  • Recommending policies and procedures to protect the IP assets
  • Identifying pathways for the creation of protectable IP
  • Identifying potentially patentable IP
  • Recommending appropriate patent counsel
  • Preparing written nondisclosure agreements prior to discussions with outside third parties
  • Identifying opportunities to protect patentable inventions

I will help you work to ensure that you benefit from your ideas at their full potential. To schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss your IP circumstances and goals, please call 844.256.5891 or send me a message online today.