Contract Review/Negotiation

Fine-Tuning the Dotted Line

The smooth operation of every company hinges on properly drafted contracts. Whether your business involves services, supplies, partner and employee relationships, and other transactional matters, it is vital that each contract fully protects your business goals and interests.

I can provide experienced legal assistance to work to ensure that all contracts properly protect your rights, address your concerns, and are enforceable in the event of litigation. In my career, I have drafted or negotiated documentation for over $2 billion worth of mergers, acquisitions, licenses and other complex transactions.

Services include:

  • Reviewing contracts before you sign them
  • Preparing the contracts and agreements you need to run your business
  • Representing you in transaction negotiations

I aim for optimal results for you every time and always look for practical, cost-effective resolutions to challenging contract negotiations. To schedule a free confidential consultation, please contact my office via our website, email, or call 844.256.5891.